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Are you a treasure hunter or an archaeologist at heart? Would you love to find a strongbox filled with rare gold coins and gems? A coffee can stuffed with $100 bills or the next chapter of the Dead Sea Scrolls? Did you know that all those treasures (and many, many more) are actually out there - lurking just below the surface - waiting to be found? For example...

-There are Billions of dollars in missing Confederate Treasury still secreted in the South -The Knights of the Golden Circle secretly stored Billions of dollars of treasure in every state -Past and present outlaws, bootleggers and criminals have hidden their stolen booty throughout the USA! -Depression-era families buried their fortunes rather than put them in banks -Billions of dollars in lost Spanish gold ingots are just waiting for someone to dig 'em up!

I have compiled Lost Loot from my 20+ years of personal treasure hunting. This book will show you where treasures might be located, how to research them, what equipment you'll need to plan a successful - and safe - expedition and, most of all, what to do once you've found your treasure. Lost Loot is the most complete treasure hunting reference book ever compiled. It is loaded with expert advice and a full listing of the most common treasure hunting symbols used throughout North America and the World.

I've also added a few personal anecdotes and some sage advice to inspire you as you begin this new adventure - whether it's simply a new weekend hobby or your new full-time career. The treasures described in this book are really there. All it takes is for the right person to find them. Will you be that person? Buy this book and it will help you achieve that goal. ***6" x 9", 344 pages and 3300 symbols and hunting tips and information;Get the Who-How-What Where-When-Why to Treasure hunt. It has many Anecdotes on hunts, Treasure law, Treasure Magic, Outlaws, Bootleggers, Spanish, and other hidders -- www.lostloot-treasure.com

Cache Carter loves the chase!

Cache started hunting for treasure at an early age. In his book he tells of getting bitten by the treasure bug as a young boy of eight. Now, years later, he is considered an authority at treasure hunting. A true story teller and poet at heart, Cache says his greatest love is the chase. He states in his book "If I found a billion dollars, I'd use it to hunt for more lost loot...it's a great adventure!"

Watch Cache Carter hunt for treasure!

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